Your Influence Counts

Your Influence Counts

Many people are so alienated with the political process in the US that they will not bother to vote in next week’s midterm elections. They feel our political system is so corrupt it doesn’t matter who’s in power – that politicians only act to get reelected and maintain their perks of office. To some, voting is just like putting a fresh coat of paint on a condemned building.

These beliefs are self-defeating. They make people feel powerless and turn people away, not only from the political process, but also from life. To those that would profit from the current state of affairs, this is exactly what they would have you do. To effect change, you must remain connected.

As was outlined in 3 Steps to Manifesting Your Ideal Life, one of the key factors in manifestation is to identify what it is you want. Our consensus reality is a weighted average of everyone’s beliefs. When you choose to ignore certain aspects of your life, you are “not voting,” you are delegating your experience to others that have a greater interest in the outcome. Their interest may not be your interest.

In the political arena, there are far more honest citizens of good will than there are corrupt politicians. In the long run, the virtuous will win. This must be kept in mind at all times. Despair is the weapon of those that would seek to maintain the corrupt system.

As many people sense, a new world is emerging. Every day more and more service workers are awakening. Those seeking to maintain the corrupt system will attempt to convince you “resistance is futile.” Understand that these are the last gasps of the negative forces that see their power waning.

You will not see reports of this on the news – only horror stories of self-dealing and corruption. This is also important, as Carl Jung once explained, “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” The corruption must be exposed and a vision of truth and honesty must replace it. This is everyone’s job.

At the highest levels of world government on our planet, above the visible figures you see on television, there are political forces in conflict. This has nothing to do with the republican versus democrat paradigm. Behind the scenes, many positively oriented elites are helping humanity. By envisioning a positive world, you will help it to come about.

Dramatic changes are happening; they’re just not yet visible in the physical world. An analogy is monitoring the temperature of a glass of ice water sitting in a warm room. Even though the ice is melting, the temperature will remain fixed at 32 degrees F. Only when the ice is gone will the temperature start to rise.

You can speed up the manifestation of the world you’d like to see by constantly reminding yourself that you influence events based on your beliefs and your actions. Know that these effects will manifest over the next several years.

In these transitional times, do not become discouraged. Help is always available by tapping into the Master Within. Remember that everything is as it should be. It’s virtually impossible to make sense of all the little details to see the bigger picture. That would require vastly expanded consciousness that very few have on earth.

Do not be concerned solely with the immediate, outward manifestation of your efforts. Pay attention to inner urges to take action. There is divine timing in everything.

Breakthroughs in your individual growth are timed to coincide with others for a greater good. It’s not a linear world where everyone’s efforts manifest independently. The return to the One involves everyone, including those that are slower to awaken. Greater societal transformation occurs when an entire wave of individuals awakens together. The exposure of the existing corruption is a stimulus to the awakening process.

To those of you who are waiting for your brothers and sisters to wake up, remain patient. Keep in mind, if you are too far in front of the curve, no one knows what you’re doing and your efforts will not yet be appreciated. You are developing your spiritual muscles. In time, your efforts will bear fruit.

So go ahead and vote for the candidate who best matches the vision you have for our world. The effect may seem subtle, but it is real nonetheless. Your influence counts.