More Synchronicities

More Synchronicities

As I wrote in an earlier article on meaningful coincidences, or synchronicities:

Recognize whenever you are “in the flow” and take note of your thoughts and what you are doing. At the least, this is what you were meant to be doing at that particular moment in time. If you see a pattern, recognize that these thoughts and actions may be your life’s work.

Some years ago, an amazing synchronicity-filled weekend convinced me to spend more time writing on mystical subjects. My book Mystic Warrior had been released and I was looking for conferences attended by open-minded people that would welcome the idea that, not only are humans capable of far greater things than most people can conceive, but that advanced mystic skills like telepathy, remote viewing and precognition were being used today.

While I was still living in Florida, I received an email that a What the Bleep Do We Know conference would be held in Santa Monica, California. It would bring together the scientists, spiritual teachers, filmmakers and lead actress featured in the movie in one setting for lectures, questions, and discussions. Even better, there would be vendor booths available.

Three weeks before the conference, I called the vendor organizer, Gloria, to inquire about a booth. She told me the price was $1200 a booth. Quickly, I calculated that I would have to sell nearly a hundred books just to cover the cost of my booth – and that was without taking the costs of airfare, hotel and the program into consideration. In any case it didn’t matter. Gloria then told me that all vendor booths were sold out and the waiting list for booths had 34 names on it already. There was no way I would ever get a booth.

Without the possibility of defraying some of my costs with book sales, I debated if it would still be worth attending. I figured I could distribute flyers and make some contacts at the show. Still, with my estimated expenses of $250 airfare, $450 hotel, and $395 program, it was going to cost me over $1000 to attend.

That was when my friend Curtis called. He lived nearby in Florida, but “coincidentally” he was visiting his brother, who lived in Santa Monica – a five minute walk from the conference. He invited me to visit. His offer saved me $450 right off the top.

After buying a non-refundable airline ticket for $250, all I needed was to buy a program ticket, which, I figured, could wait.

Two days before the conference another email arrived – the program was completely sold out. I tried to call the conference organizers to beg for a ticket, but they were out of town.

With my plane ticket and a place to stay already in hand, I figured it would be worth the risk to see if they could squeeze me in. I packed 12 books and a ream of color flyers into a box and left for LA.

At the conference the next morning, I tracked down Gloria to ask, “Where’s the literature table? I need a place for my flyers.”

“There is no literature table,” she answered.

“I flew here all the way from Ft. Lauderdale. I couldn’t get a vendor booth and two days ago, I found out that tickets are sold out. Surely, there must be some way I can, at least, hand out flyers?”

She remembered my call about a vendor booth, looked at me, as if to size me up, and then commanded, “Follow me.”

She led me to the vendor area and stopped at a table in the rear, in front of a huge window overlooking the Pacific Ocean. She asked the husband-wife team setting up their booth, “Would you mind giving this gentleman a 2-foot section at the end of your second table so he can display his book?”

The woman, who looked somewhat familiar, asked, “What’s the name of the book?”

Mystic Warrior.”

The woman smiled and said, “That’s where I know you. I got a copy of Mystic Warrior from you at the INATS convention in Orlando. I loved it. Sure, you can set up at the end of our table.”

I thanked them profusely. “Fantastic,” I thought. The only thing I needed to make the conference complete, would be a chance to hear a few of the speakers – five in particular. I went to the registration table to see if there were any cancellations. The woman handing out the badges said, “No, but you can purchase ‘standing room only’ tickets to any of the lectures for $20 apiece.” Instead of paying $395 for the entire program, it would only cost $100 for my five favorite speakers.

During the conference, at my improvised, 2-foot booth, with only my book and a stack of flyers to display, I sold all the copies of Mystic Warrior I brought and took orders for a two dozen more. I spoke with dozens of fascinating people and 116 attendees signed up for my newsletter. I was extremely grateful.

Clearly, this was not something I could have planned. The universe had conspired to make it possible and provide me with what I needed. These synchronicities had confirmed that I was on the right path.

Similarly, be alert to synchronicities that appear in your own life. Recognize that you attracted them with your thoughts, feelings and beliefs, and that the universe provided you with what you requested. Pay close attention – your life’s work may be calling!