Creativity and Inspiration

Creativity and Inspiration

Creativity for the mystic has special meaning. In the world of the mystic all is one. This means that there’s only one Creator. Your job as an artist, painter or writer is simply to attune with this One source of all creation, listen and report on what you’re told. This is the essence of divine inspiration. It’s similar to the advice I was given as a young businessman when my boss and I were on our way to an important meeting. He turned to me and said, “Keep your mouth shut and listen good.”

As an author, I am most familiar with the art of writing. Many people are fearful that they don’t know how to write or that they’re not qualified. Since everyone is tapping into the same source, it doesn’t matter. All you have to do is, “Keep your mouth shut and listen good.” Everyone is qualified, because, as it turns out, God is an excellent writer.

Anyone can write. The secret is simply, how do you attune with this One source of creation?   Writers attempt to do this by following certain routines or rituals. Rituals are simply a series of acts that are meant to impress upon the conscious mind, what is being transmitted on a higher plane. Holy Communion, blessing of the food, blowing a ram’s horn are all examples of rituals. They are meant to put you in the proper state of mind so your attunement follows.

In the world of the writer, the rituals may involve writing at a certain time of day, with a favorite typewriter or at a certain desk. Smart writers try to recreate the same feelings they experienced when they were successful in pouring out material. A mystic takes this one step further and you can do this too.

Mystics create a personal sanctum that facilitates attunement with the one Creator. Now you can create one on the physical plane – a favorite recliner or special room for meditation or spiritual studies – but the more important one is on a higher plane. This is where you will go to receive inspiration.

Before you begin, decide what purpose you’d like to achieve. If you’re just starting out, then your purpose may very well be “what should I write about? What message does the one Creator want me to bring through and share with the world?”

Next, decide what you’d like your private sanctum to look like. Will it be a nature scene with a waterfall or a babbling brook, a cathedral with majestic spires and translucent stained glass windows, a beach scene with waves gently lapping against the shore, or perhaps a garden with beautiful flowers? It doesn’t matter what you choose, so long as you recognize it as a safe place.

After you relax with a few deep breaths, visualize yourself entering your sanctum. Use your inner senses to “look about.” Feel yourself sitting on your chair. Notice the sounds and smells of your private space. When you are fully present, ask your question. Then simply listen and make a note of any impressions or intuitions you receive.

Understand, that when you return to the physical world, you may have to do some research. In fact that’s one of the key reasons people suffer from writer’s block – they run out of material or don’t have the knowledge to describe the information that’s been given to them in their personal sanctum.

It’s a good idea to visit your personal sanctum on a daily basis. There are additional benefits to this such as increased vitality, increased ability to concentrate, control of emotions, enhanced intuition, the removal of fear and anxiety.

But the prime benefit of ascending to your own personal sanctum is to receive inspiration by direct attunement with God, the font of all creativity.

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