Find the Hidden Word in this field of green

Find the Hidden 3-D Word

This is a text-based, 3-D stereogram, i.e., there’s a hidden 3-D word embedded in this field of green.

To see the hidden word, try looking through the picture as if it were a window. Don’t blink, let your eyes relax and go out of focus. It may take a little while, but you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment when you “get it.”

If that doesn’t work, another tactic is to start out with your face almost on top of the image. Slowly draw back, letting your eyes relax, again, without blinking.

When you see the hidden word, you’ll know it, but if you want to check, then scroll to the bottom of this page.









Are you sure

you’re ready

to check?






















Here it is. If you didn’t see it in the top picture, go back and try again!